How to Request Communications Resources from the Creative and Communications Department


• Make sure you've allowed adequate time for the communication process to be accomplished. 

• Evaluate the return on investment

• Receive proper approval from your team leader or campus pastor

  • Collect finalized project plans. 
  • Use the online portal (Communication Request) found on the King’s Way website
  • Wait to be contacted by the Director of Media Ministry for a planning meeting. Duplicate follow ups are not necessary (i.e. emailing the request)

How the Creative Department Processes Requests

The Creative Department: 

After a request is received, you'll receive an email confirming your request was received. The Director of Media Ministry will follow up if there is additional information needed.

Communication Policies

Many aspects of internal communications can be handled within the department, without the direct involvement of the Creative Department. Whenever possible, however, please let the Director of Media Ministry approve communications prior to publication. 

T-Shirts, Apparel, Other Printed Promotional Items

Specialty printed items should be approved by the Director of Media Ministry, especially if they feature any King’s Way names, logos, or other branding elements. 


Ministry signage should only be visible inside of classrooms or inside the Family Life Center. Signage should not hang on exterior doors or in hallways. The church’s printer is limited to a max size of 11x17. Anything larger than that must be sent to an outside printer. Outside printing should go through the Director of Media Ministry. Permanent signage (interior or exterior) requires input from several people, including the Lead Pastor, Facilities Director, and often, the approval of the Board of Trustees.