Debbie Beydler

Director of Discipleship & Connection |

Debbie is married to Randy Beydler, a retired Missouri State Highway Patrolman. They are the grandparents to five sweet children already and have another one on the way! Their son, Nick, and his wife, Emily, have four children, Jeremiah, Mavis, Amos and Lena. Their daughter, Kristi, and her husband, Tim, have one daughter named Lydia and are expecting baby number two.

What drew you into ministry at King's Way?

God!! I thought I was retiring when we moved to Springfield, but God had other plans for me. A phone call from King's Way inviting me to apply for a position was God's way of calling me out of retirement and back into ministry.

What are your dreams for King's Way?

That we will allow scripture to teach us, applying God's word to our lives so that our life together is fulfilling God's plan for our church family.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

I love to spend time with my family. We love play games - especially cards - when we get together. Randy and I like to travel. We still have several places to visit on our bucket list. I love to walk and hike.