Karl Zahn


Karl has a BS degree in Criminology from Missouri State University and is preparing to enter the Springfield Police Academy in the spring. He is one of four children and the grandson of the infamous Dr. Bob Zahn here at King's Way. 

What drew you into ministry at King's Way?

After attending King's Way regularly for several years with my grandfather, Dr. Bob, I was voluntold to be a youth leader. I have participated in youth ministry for four years now, during which I was hired on with the facilities department to assist Nate and Odessa.

What is your favorite part of your ministry?

The best part of what I do here is definitely the people, both as a youth leader and as a church employee. King's Way has awesome people of all ages. The candy and sweets people bring is in a close second though.

How can the congregation pray for you?

Heads down and eyes shut, preferably. And humbly.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I enjoy camping and hanging out with friends and family.