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Kathryn Bartee

Director of Church Operations | KBartee@kwumc.com

Kathryn has been married to her husband, Fleetwood, since 1999. Their daughter, Shields, goes to Greenwood and enjoys music, soccer and debate. Kathryn grew up surrounded by people in ministry, her father is a retired UM pastor and her mother runs a national church development company. Kathryn thought she would retire after 24 years of running a business, but God had different plans for her and His plan was the right one. She has loved serving ever since the start at King's Way.   

How can the congregation pray for you?

Prayer for strength in raising our daughter in God's desired direction. Continued health and that of our parents. Prayer for always keeping God as number one in our lives.

What is your favorite part of your ministry area?

It's the little wins that make everything worthwhile. The kid who looks at you and doesn't give the "church" answer, but gives the answer from their heart. The youth who reluctantly serves and ends up leading with passion and joy. I just love seeing the Holy Spirit at work in people of all ages.

What are your dreams for King's Way?

I dream that King's Way will be a church where people want to come into in order to go out and share God's love. A place where the example of the disciples is lived out in everything we do.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love hanging out with my friends and family. Our home has always had an open door. Despite our busy life of Shields' many activities, my gymnastics judging and tax season for Fleetwood, we always make time to open our home to others. Whether it is baseball, football, Bible study or food, any night of the week you will find friends and fellowship in the Bartee household.