Marcus Davajon

Director of Youth Ministry |

Marcus is married to an amazing woman named Brittany who is a licensed massage therapist at a local chiropratic office called A Hip Joint. Brittany is a wonderful step-mother to my daughter, Penelope.

Marcus is currently going through the process to become a Certified Candidate for Pastoral Ministry with the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church.

What drew you into ministry at King's Way?

Here at King's Way, we have an incredible group of students! They are passionate about encountering Jesus. They deeply desire to be a generation that takes Jesus seriously and being known by the way they love. I believe my calling is to equip and lead our students to fulfill this vision.

What is your favorite part of ministry?

I love seeing students grow in their understanding of who God really is and begin to take Jesus/His word seriously. 
Dodgeball. Dodgeball is favorite too!

What are your dreams for King's Way?

I dream of a youth ministry where students' lives are being transformed by the amazing story of the Gospel. A ministry where students are not just passively attending a service, but are actively participating in the Kingdom of God.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

Cycling. Espresso. Gaming.