Meet Scott Bons


Scott Bons will join the staff at King’s Way as Director of Youth Ministries in just a couple weeks! Scott has over 12 years of experience in ministry, including 4 years in youth ministry. He joins King’s Way after being the lead pastor at Mt. Pleasant Church of God in Assumption, Illinois. Scott and his wife, Amanda, have been married for 14 years. Their son, Ian, is 4. 

Q&A with Scott

What drew you into youth ministry at King’s Way?   Through a long series of events we felt led towards Springfield. To be honest, we had never heard of King’s Way. It wasn’t until we started down the road of moving towards Springfield, and through much prayer, that we came across the posting for the Youth Director position. As I read the posting, it aligned perfectly with my passions, gifts, and calling. Prayerfully, I submitted my resume while seeking the Lord’s will in prayer. After a conversation with Pastor Kris and then Pastor Laura, I was convinced this was a team and church I wanted to be a part of. The vision of King’s Way is grand and something I want to be a part of. 

What are you looking forward to most about your position at KW?   There are many things I am looking forward to, but the biggest reason is the students. The passion they have for their church and for Jesus was evident to me from the first time I met them. I am looking forward to working with them to navigate life and faith, and how to bring them into alignment. I am also looking forward to whatever small part I might be able to play in developing leaders in the Church and the world.

What are your dreams for Youth Ministry at KW?    My dreams for King’s Way youth can be summed up in four statements: A place for all people, Discipleship, service, and fun. I hope to create a safe place where people from all walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds, histories, and beliefs can come and pursue Jesus. I hope to create a space where people can ask questions and find real answers, without fear of condemnation or humiliation. It will also be a place where we can go deep with Jesus by taking what the students know and applying it to their lives and to the world at large. Service is especially important to me and I think to our youth. We will serve in and outside the church often. We will go on mission trips as well as serving in our own backyard…and we will do all of this while having fun. Fun is a core value of mine and I am convinced it is something that Christians are not good at. I think Jesus was fun and laughed more than we think. I want the students to have fun and laugh as we tackle real and difficult issues together.

Fun Facts about Scott:

  • I might as well get this out there: I am a Chicago Cubs & Dallas Cowboys fan. Please forgive me, but it is true.
  • I enjoy sports (baseball, basketball, football) doing anything outdoors (shooting sports, walking, hunting, fishing, being outdoors), & binging Netflix shows. When I have time, I enjoy playing Xbox. Most importantly, I enjoy being with friends and my family and doing things (or nothing) together.
  • I am currently pursuing my Master’s of Arts in Practical Theology at Winebrenner Theological Seminary.
  • My family has served as Foster Parents for the last 6 years. We are currently taking a year-long break from that, but we might explore doing it again in the future. We have fostered 6 kids over the last 6 years. This flowed from our desire to be like Jesus and to follow Scripture (James 1:27).
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