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Corbin Cole

Director of Contemporary Worship

Corbin joined the worship staff at King's Way in February of 2017. He brings many skills, talents and experiences with him. He is a student at Missouri State University majoring in audio engineering with a minor in religious studies. He has led worship since he was a teenager and plays multiple instruments. Corbin's energy and creativity is contagious and he has an amazing passion for leading worship. 

What is your favorite part of being at King's Way?  If I had to choose one part of serving at King's Way that is my favorite, I would be lost because there are so many wonderful things that I love about his church. However, if I had to narrow down to one thing, I would say it is the people. As I transitioned to King's Way, I was met with nothing but open arms. I have had the opportunity to work with a group of incredible staff, awesome musicians and a gracious congregation that has done nothing but lift me up in the time that I have spent here.