Kathryn Bartee

Director of Church Operations | KBartee@kwumc.com

I King’s Way because when my family was looking for a place to serve in and serve with God led us here. I King’s Way because the warmth and light of the Holy Spirit surrounded this place and the people when we first started coming and continues to this day to be a place that shines with Christ’s love. I King’s Way because of community.  I King’s Way because of the way this church has wrapped its arms around my family in times of sorrow and of joy and helped to be the village that guides our daughter in her faith journey.  I King’s Way because of how much this church reaches out to serve beyond our doors and strives to be a part of the greater Kingdom.  I King’s Way because I feel this is where I can be of the greatest impact in making disciples for the transformation of the world.  This is why I King’s Way.