Kris Keller

Associate Pastor |

Kris is married to a wonderful woman named Megan who teaches sixth-grade math and science. They have two children, Truitt and Eloise. He and Megan were both born and raised in Springfield and attended Hillcrest High School and then Missouri State.

What drew you into ministry at King's Way?

I took a job working as a part-time assistant youth director at Campbell UMC my freshman year of college. I ended up as the full-time youth director at Campbell and stayed for ten years total. In June 2011 I realized God was calling me to ordained ministry. After Truitt was born, our journey continued to Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. My first summer of seminary, I did an internship at King's Way; who knew my first appointment would be to King's Way!

How can the congregation pray for you?

Pray that Truitt and Eloise choose paths that lead them to recognize the love of God. That Megan and I continue to fall in love with each other and continue to grow as parents. That I figure out how to be a husband, dad, and pastor well and at the same time. For our church and the incredible places God is going to take us together over the next years.

What is your favorite part of ministry?

Teaching will always be one of my favorite aspects of ministry. Before finally relenting and accepting that God was in fact calling me to ordained ministry, my plan was to be a teacher. Whether it's teaching the Bible, different ways to pray, or another way to worship, I think I will always be a teacher first.

Dreams for King's Way: 

This might be cheating, but my dream for King's Way is that we learn how to dream BIG together. I'm a fairly cautious person by nature and haven't always done the best at dreaming big dreams and taking chances where I should have. I'm looking forward to lots of opportunities to dream those dreams together and to see where God takes us.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

Playing with my kids (hours of playing super heroes, baseball, bike riding, reading books, and pushing on swings), reading, drinking coffee, cheering for the Cardinals, Chiefs, Tigers AND Bears (look, we have connections to both our illustrious state universities so I can cheer for both), cooking, and running (so I can cook some more.)