Electronic Giving FAQ —

Q:  What are my options for E-Giving?

With electronic giving, your church donations are automatically deducted from your bank account by the use of your debit card or an electronic fund transfer (EFT). The debit/credit card donations may be processed at home on your personal computer. 

Q:  Are electronic contributions safe?

Absolutely. Funds can only be withdrawn with your authorization. An electronic contribution is safer than writing a check and, unlike a check; it can’t be lost, stolen, or destroyed in the mail.

Q:  Are there any fees involved for me?

No.  Electronic funds transfers involve no personal bank fees. You select your gift amount and receive full credit.

Q:  When would my contribution be deducted from my bank account?

With electronic giving, you can specify both the frequency and withdrawal date of your contribution. If the date you select falls on a weekend or holiday, the transaction will occur on the next banking day.

Q:  How do I keep track of the amount of contributions I have made for the year?

We will continue to send you a quarterly giving statement for your records. With the debit card option, you will also receive a web response e-mail.

Q:  Can I give to funds in addition to the the General Fund?

Yes. You can give designated funds (these are listed on the forms). You can also specify both the amount of your contribution and the fund to which it should be applied. Debit giving will also allow you to make special event payments (such as mission trips, camps, etc).

Q:  What if I use the EFT method and I change banks?

Not a problem. You can change your giving choices at any time. Just log in to your account and change bank accounts.

Q:  How do I participate in the weekly offering if my contribution is deducted from my bank account?

If you would like, you can write, “E-Giving” on an offering envelope and place it in the offering plate, but it is not necessary. As always, you can use the attendance tear-off as an act of offering your presence.

Q:  What if I change my mind about electronic giving?

Any changes can be made by simply logging into your account online.

Q:  What are the benefits of electronic giving?      

  • You are taking a step of faith. When you agree to give electronically, you are deciding in advance to faithfully give.  God blesses that kind of faith!
  • You will be helping the church. When someone gives electronically it makes our record-keeping much easier and allows us to more accurately predict cash flow to meet ministry needs.
  • You simplify your life. No more scrambling to find the checkbook, forgetting cash, last minute ATM stops, or trying to remember if you gave last month.

Q:  Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

If you need any further information, please feel free to call the church office at (417) 881-6363.

Q:  Okay, I’m ready.  How do I sign up?  

To sign up, simply click HERE or on the Make A Contribution drop down at the top of the page and you are ready to go! If you need assistance, please contact the church office at (417) 881-6363.