Rick Westphal

Director of Senior Ministry | rick@kwumc.com

Rick is a recent widower following a wonderful marriage of 42 years. He has two children, Mike and Margo, and two grandchildren, Cy and Elizabeth (Elle). Rick graduated from Southern Methodist University, and has two graduate degrees from Missouri State University, and one from North Central University. His career included administration of public and private agencies providing human services, healthcare administration, and also administrative roles and teaching in higher education.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

My greatest joy is time with my family and friends and my greatest challenge is keeping my focus on the positive possibilities ahead.

What are your dreams for King's Way?

The Senior Adult Ministry at King's Way has a great potential to enrich the lives of all participants, and as a result, positively impact our church as a whole. I hope we will be able to provide a range of activities which will appeal to various interests, and while enjoying those times together, demonstrate our faith and genuine concern for others.