Shanne Shipman

Care Team Coordinator |

Shanne provides support to people going through a variety of circumstances through the Care Team ministry at King's Way. She is a fairly new widow after nearly 30 years of marriage to her wonderful husband, Wade. They have one daughter, Cara, who is following in Shanne's footsteps to become a nurse.

Shanne has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Southwest Baptist University and practiced as an RN and BSN in Texas, Kansas and Springfield, Missouri. Shanne also has two dogs, Bella and Suzy (Wade's bird dogs), who have become her loyal companions since his passing. 

What is your favorite part of your ministry? Our lives can be full of disappointments and challenges. I love people and I love caring for them. Being able to offer support and comfort through the Care Team ministry allows me to assist others when they are sick, hurting or struggling. It allows me a way to connect and serve that I am passionate about. 

What do you love to do in your spare time? I enjoy spending time outdoors. Our family has always enjoyed kayaking, fishing, and time spent on the water. I am a huge dog lover and wish I could save each and every one. I love taking pictures, scrapbooking, and organizing family memories. Some of my greatest times are spent with my daughter, Cara. We love to travel to different places and see all that our world has to offer. I love flowers in my yard, organizing all kinds of things (crazy, I know)  and writing (for my eyes only). I love the coast of Maine, antiquing, and sitting on the screened in porch on a cool fall day. Time with my girlfriends is so important to me. Other than Cara, my family lives out of state. My girlfriends have been priceless in my life. We love to eat out, travel, walk for exercise, go shopping, craft, support one another, and laugh together.